Sunday, August 20, 2006


My apologies for not writing in the last couple days. Time just got away from me. I was hoping to have a picture to put up from Mike, of the sandstorm that hit his base a couple days ago, but he hasn't gotten to send one yet. He did not have his camera with him, but others at work did and he said that they got some good photos. Evidently they watched it roll in and it was a pretty cool sight. Luckily he was able to get a ride home from another guy he works with!

Last night I was invited to see an awesome band, Las Rubias del Norte. One of the percussionists is married to the daughter of one of the Green's family friends (Wendy) and so we joined them for dinner and then attended the show later that night in North Park. The music was invigorating and the two vocalists were amazing. They played a lot of Peruvian songs and a couple Cuban songs, along with several others that were excellent. I have to send out another thank you to Neil and Wendy for allowing me to tag along and for giving me a copy of their CD, Rumba Internationale. I'm actually looking forward to getting their new CD and then sending it to Mike so he can listen in as well! I found myself humming a few of the songs during the day today. One of my favorites from last night was a song called "Baby" which was beautiful, and really made me think of Mike. So, also a thanks to the band for a great concert and great memories!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a smooth start to this coming week!

I love you Mike!

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