Monday, August 07, 2006

The Fridge

Ok, so I don't have news nearly quite as exciting as say, finding out your are expecting a baby girl like some other bloggers (and congrats again!), but I thought I should post something today regardless. I did get a chance to talk to Mike this morning and he's doing well. He finally got in touch with the computer guy who will be hooking up a line so that he can get online more often, but I'm not sure when that's actually taking place....we'll see. His big news? He's sweeping out his office tomorrow because what he calls the "cockroachgrasshopperlocust thingys" are getting a bit out of control. As much as I LOVE bugs, the thought of these little indestructible critters crawling all over the place is a bit disgusting! He's also looking forward to playing the games that come on his i-pod, which he just learned were there...sounds like lots of fun, huh? As far as work goes, things seem to still be going well. He's fully in the swing of things now, which I know he's happy about because it keeps him busy. And, those of you worried that he's not getting enough to eat...last Saturday when they had their weekly working dinner, he ate an entire pizza! So, no worries there!! However, when he finally can get on a computer, we'll/he'll/I'll post more on work and more about life at the FOB.

At home, we got the fridge today. It's funny because it seems a bit out of place - it's pretty big, but really nice. I had to laugh as I was sitting on the kitchen floor trying to figure out how to put it all together...who knew you had to put a fridge together!?! The only drawback is that you can't hang magnets on the front of it...which really cuts into our clutter collection! They do hang on the side, so I had to go through and put only our favorites up and no more little notes and random stuff up there anymore - this ONE place will be clutter free!
I know, it's totally stupid to put pictures of a refrigerator up on this blog, but how else is Mike going to see it? I mean, I can't very well describe a's black and silver and looks like...a fridge. So, you'll have to suffer through these silly pictures for now. So, those are our favorite magnets and a few funny cards and postcards. My favorite cards ever are MikWright. They take old, real photographs and put some of the craziest, funniest captions in them. The most "appropriate" one that we have up right now is the one with the smiling sailor standing next to his bunk and the caption inside reads "If you think I'm gonna spend another six months cooped up with a bunch of half-naked, sweat-drenched, foul-mouthed're right!" It's an all-occasion card that probably most people who aren't in the Navy wouldn't find funny...but we did and so we hung it up.

Well folks, that's about all the excitement I have for now. I'm still plugging away at my prelim exam, which ends Thursday, thankfully! I spent most of the morning at the UCSD library reading through books that can't be checked out of the library and that probably nobody has bothered to read in years - lucky me! Anyway, I hope everything is going well for everyone out there and I hope you all enjoy a wonderful week!

I love you Mike!

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