Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kudos to our airports!

Well, finally back in San Diego after some interesting travel experiences to and from Chicago! If you've seen or read the news from last week, you know of the foiled plot that hit the press the morning I was leaving for Chicago. I'll be honest, I was expecting chaos. However, things ran relatively smoothly and mostly everyone was in good spirits. Lines were long, but people were pleasant and courteous. The airport personnel were excellent and TSA people were very visible. I did get bumped from my original flight out of SD, putting me into Chicago at 11 pm - too late to get any Quonset pizza...such a bummer!!! Kim picked me up at the airport (and that was crazy - major traffic!) and we drove back to her house, but with all the traffic, didn't get into her place until about 1 am, at which point we both were exhausted! The rest of the weekend was great. I spent the weekend up at the cottage with my family, had BBQ ribs for dinner on Saturday night, tried to go to a rodeo (no kidding, but it was closed, but I did get a picture of a bull if anyone cares to see it!) and rode down the river on Sunday with my brother Tom, sister and brother-in-law, Nicky and Nate and my nephew Curran (he's 7) in a raft called The Party Raft which was amazingly stable and lots of fun. The current wasn't as quick as we thought though, so starting late in the afternoon was not our best idea!! Monday I tagged along with my dad at the GRPD and went on a ride-along with one of the forensic techs to print and photograph a handful of cars, apartments and businesses who had fallen victim to some thefts. It was pretty interesting, or at least it was to me! The drive back to Chicago was uneventful (in a great little Ford Focus) and the drive into Chicago this morning had the usual traffic and usual crazy drivers, but other than that, nothing major. I got to the airport this morning extra early, expecting it to be busier than when I left SD. However, once again, I was pleasantly surprised at the way things are being handled. Lines were long but again, people were happy and helpful. Airport security is still high, but they are doing a GREAT job helping people out and keeping them informed. Anyway, I thought that traveling this weekend would have been insane, but it wasn't and that was great!

I have a post from Mike that I'll be putting up in a few minutes. It's far more interesting than this one, and it has pictures! :)

Hope all is well with everyone!

I love you Mike

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