Thursday, August 10, 2006

bon voyage!

Hi everyone - happy Thursday! Mike made it to and from his destinations yesterday without incident, thank goodness! I spoke with him this morning and he seems to be in pretty good spirits (he laughed a lot, which was great to hear), though he is still a bit tired from the trip I think. I think he's working on another post that we'll put up in the next couple of days, as he still doesn't have internet access, it might be a bit. That being said, I'll wait and let Mike fill everyone in on what's been going on in his corner of the world.

I am happy to report that I am officially DONE with my prelim exams, though I won't find out if I passed until the week of the 28th sometime (keep your fingers crossed for me!). With those out of the way, and not having to report back to school until next Wednesday, I'm heading back to Michigan to spend some time with my family. Actually, I'm flying in and out of Chicago and spending a couple nights with my best friend from high school and college, Kim, and her hubby Derek and their little daughter, Mia (oh, and I can't forget Kim's sister Katie who is working the summers in Chicago until she heads back to everyone's favorite college - Notre Dame!!). The rest of the weekend I'll be spending up at my family cottage, on the Muskegon River. It's amazing up there and it's also amazing what my parents have done with the place - especially considering that it was basically a hut when they got it...but a hut w/a great river view! :) Actually, the last time I saw it the entire kitchen and first floor bathroom were gutted and my parents were redoing everything. So, needless to say, it'll be pretty different when I see it this time around! I'll be sure to put up pictures (mostly for you, Mike).

Anyway, the plan was to head to the airport with only an hour to spare (which is pretty typical here in SD), but after the news this morning, I suspect the security lines to be much longer and I'm heading out to the airport shortly...just wanted to post first. I will be able to check email and post if Mike sends me his post, unless it happens to be Saturday afternoon, when I'll be sitting in a tube, floating down the river with a bunch of other crazy people (namely, my brother, sister and brother-in-law!)...hopefully with a beer in my hand!! Sorry, Mike, I'll have two beers, one for me and one for you! :)

Well, I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!

I love you Mike!


cagney said...

Hey Colleen, when you go to Chicago, be sure to tell Katie that Connor says hey. Have fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Hope all is well, take care of yourself. Colleen is teaching me, again, how to do this blog thing before I go into work for the day. I'll write more later!


Anonymous said...

Hwllo Mikw, I rhink this may actually work for me now. Colleen was home this week end and gave me a quick lesson!
This is a wonderfull way to keep up with all you are doing.
The pictures were very interesting.
It was great having Colleen home for the week end. Sunny and no rain the whole week end. Thats not typical for Michigan.
Well from home, the Kitchen is pretty much done at the cottage. All that is left is the trim work over the windows and doors. It looks great. And its great to have a functional kitchen once again. Colleen has some pictures that I think she is going totry to scan to you.
Not sure what Pauls next big project is. Wont be until next summer
My sisters, Pat and Theresa have their place now. I'm not sure if you remember but it is a cottage just around the corner from us. They are like kids in a candy store.
Tom seems to be enjoying his new job. He is still on day shift, but his permanent shift will be from 600 pm to 600 am. Dont feel to bad for him as full time is working 13 days a month. I have yet to see him in his uniform.May have to wait until the swearing in ceremony. He does not wear his uniforms to and from work.
Nicky and Nate just celebrated their 2nd Anniversary. Hard to believe its been 2 yrs already.
They were also at the cottage this weekend.
Tom and Nate went looking for rafts to buy for tubing and were unsuccessfull. However they did find a PARTY RAFT. It sits 4 adult, has cup holders and bright colors. Looked kind of strange floating down the river, Tom, Colleen, Nate, Nicky and Curran. Well they had fun.
Well Mike better sign off and head off to work.
Paul and I want to tell you again how very proud we are of you. You are in our prayers every day.
Sending our love and stay safe, Barb

obgirl042 said...

Mom, I had to laugh at your typos! I'm glad you are using the blog though! It was good to be home and see everyone. We'll see if the Party Raft makes it until next summer! :)