Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My decision...

more on this later...

I love you Mike!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

candy bar update

So, a new option has been added to my vending machine of life and that's all it currently is - an option. I don't actually even have any control over whether this one drops into the bottom of the machine or not. I should clarify though that this option is not even a candy bar - it's like one of those extra big bags of chips! Once I know more, I promise I'll post 'real' details about all this and we'll be done with the cryptic comparisons! In the meantime, I'll be plugging away at a dissertation prospectus that still needs a lot of work, grading sixty-something short stories and writing a conference paper that I am presenting in's not like I don't have enough other stuff to keep me busy and my mind occupied!!

Mike is on-board with this bag-o-chips option though and has somehow been able to make some unique sports comparisons to the situation, particularly one to Joe Montana, which has been fun. I'm now signing off my emails "JM" as a joke...I thought about signing "Joe" but then thought if "the man" was reading through emails and noticed that someone named "Joe" was telling "military Mike" that they loved him, someone might raise an eyebrow or two! ;) So, I'm sticking with JM so as not to alarm the government about things since they obviously have nothing better to occupy their time with! No, that isn't a soap box you see me heading toward, no worries!

Speaking of Mike, I've made him promise to write a post or two so you all can hear more about him from him. Things are still going well over there and he's still anxious as ever to come home. He's planned our vacations for about the next 15 years I think; I keep getting email itineraries. Most exciting: tubing through the jungles of Belize. Most romantic: returning to Paris and actually climbing the Eiffel tower together! Most "like us": tours of central and northern California coast wineries (yay!).

Anyway, I'm off to work on that pesky dissertation some more. I have four pages of notes on things to address from a 15 page section - gee fun! I hope this post finds everyone happy, healthy and warm (especially those of you getting hit by that blizzard-weather!).

I love you Mike!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Hi everyone! Sorry it has been so long for a real post. Things have gotten kinda busy at work and I've been beat once I've gotten home (still no word on what I'll be doing next year...but hopefully soon...). Today, however, before I get into recent happenings, I must get on my soap box and reaffirm what our mothers (yes, that's you Barb...) have always told us - floss your teeth! As I spent the last 2 1/2 hours in the dentist chair with my mouth wide open and my face so numb I couldn't even smile, I must say, I wish I had followed through with that motherly advice. I've been bad at flossing. I don't like to do's not fun. But, what healthy stuff (besides yoga) is fun? Anyway, as a graduate student I didn't have dental insurance and I didn't go to the dentist for my first two years out here (yes, you can all gasp at the horror). I thought I was taking pretty darn good care of my chops. I flossed sporadically BUT I bought one of those fancy-smancy power toothbrushes. I keep a brush at school. I gargle with that awful mouthwash. That, I'm afraid, has not been enough. Three weeks ago I finally went to the dentist...I've had insurance coverage for some time, I just hadn't picked a dental provider. They found two friggin' cavities and said since it had been so long since I'd been to the dentist (I should have lied, was my first thought) that I needed a "deep cleaning". Sounds good right? Well, it hurts and it wouldn't have been necessary at all had I gone earlier and in the meantime, flossed my teeth!!! The fillings were equally as much fun and boy, now that some of the painkillers are wearing off, my face itches!!! What a grand afternoon!! I will floss twice a day from now on because I swear that if I ever have to have needles that big stuck into my gums again (and more than one, and more than once too) I better not be awake to know it!

Ok, so floss - that's basically all I'm saying here...sorry for the rant.

What's new? Other than my newly enhanced pearly whites? Well, Mike is still doing really well, albeit a little more homesick than I think he's been in the past. They've had a few days that he said has reminded him of San Diego, but minus the smell of the ocean. I also think doing the same thing over and over every day is getting to him. You know what the definition of insanity is right? "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." I guess that's kinda how he's feeling. Though, he is saying that his "results" are great. He's helping lots of folks, so that's gotta feel good. He's also recently had the largest bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream he's ever that's one positive - free ice cream!

On the home-front, not a whole lot going on. Mike's mom, Mary Lou, and I went out to an awesome dinner the other night at a place called Spread in North Park. We ordered three items and you share each of them. We started with a salad of chopped lettuces and rose petals, fresh mozzarella, strawberries, maple croutons and an avocado vinaigrette. Next we had this awesome lavender guacamole with roasted Roma tomatoes (Mary Lou LOVED those) and homemade pita chips. As if we weren't full enough by this point we tried one of their most popular items, the Thai veggie pizza with aged cheddar and peanut coulis. All I can say is WOW! It was amazing. The place itself is also a pretty unique space - very modern looking. They make everything fresh and change up their menu daily because they buy all their ingredients from local farmers markets. We also both had a glass of an edible silver infused sparkling wine - pretty tasty. I can't wait to go back!!

Well, I suppose that should be it for now. Oh, I had my first violin lesson tonight. It went pretty well considering I have no idea what I'm doing. I have homework so I hope my neighbors are tolerant! I hope you all are doing well! Take care of yourselves and for God's sake, FLOSS YOUR TEETH!!

I love you Mike (are you flossing?!?)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Go Colts!

Being a Boilermaker I am also a Colts fan and so I must say (even though I'd love to be saying it about the Chargers...):

Go Colts!!



I love you Mike!