Wednesday, August 02, 2006

How Sweet It Is...

I had a surprise from Mike waiting for me when I returned from my run and it just made the day even better! He sent these beautiful flowers to wish me good luck on my prelims. It was awesome, they are beautiful and it means a lot to me knowing Mike is thinking of me during this experience - espeically when he certainly has his own things to worry about! He is always so supportive and understanding - I am so lucky!! I have been singing that James Taylor song all day today now, you know "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You" and really, I can't help feel that way - it's amazing, Mike you are amazing!!

Sorry for the gushing, flowers can do that to a gal, you know?!? :)

I haven't actually spoken to Mike so I do not have an update. I know he's been keeping busy with meetings and inventory. He did tell me that he was still trying to track down the internet guy to see if he can get hooked up - so maybe within the last couple of days he's been able to do that! Other than that, I'm not sure I have anything new to report. I know it's been cooling down here in San Diego, and hopefully will continue to cool around the rest of the coutnry - and maybe soon it'll begin cooling down in Iraq too.

Wishing everyone well!

I love you Mike!

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Kym said...

They are beautiful roses! It does mean a lot that the guys think of us while they are over there. Sounds like your Mike is as supportive & understanding as my Mike....Must be the name, huh? LOL

Take care & good luck on your prelims!!!!