Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mike on wine

The wine dinner sounds awesome! Normally I can’t check the blog from work (I have to do it from the MWR computers) but Colleen emailed me her posting which contained the menu and wine list. Needless to say I’m jealous and have been craving good food and wine for quite sometime. Cheeseburgers, nameless casseroles and mystery meats aren’t cutting it, and Gatorade and bug juice don’t have much of a kick. Ah well.

So I figured I’d share my thoughts from the wine dinner I didn’t attend. Colleen and I have had a sparkling wine from the Prosecco region before, and I think we may still have some at home, unless we drank it all before I left. Not sure. Actually I think some went into a pitcher of sangria. Anyway, it was very good. I have not had the Nino Fanco though. The first course, the carpacio and sauvignon blanc, sound like an interesting mix. I’m not sure what came over me the last month in San Diego but I actually bought a Rose or two and found a few whites at tastings to be more palatable than usual. Not enough to totally win me over though. The second course sounds even better and I’d like to try that Pinot from Oregon. We haven’t had a bad one from the Willamette region yet. The salad looks unique, as usual for Bacchus, but Colleen said the Rosso was musky and dark so I wonder how that matched up. The main dish sounds amazing, and I bet the Syrah was excellent with it too. I don’t remember seeing Sinor-La Vallee up in Paso, but next time up there we’ll be sure to stop. The dessert sounds a bit fruity for me, but I’m sure I’d handle it with the port.

Now I still encourage Colleen to attend future wine dinners until I get home, even though she said she won’t. I think she should, and buy more wine in the process!

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Kym said...

Wow, sounds like you guys know your wine! I have never been a big wine drinker but maybe I should take a trip to San Diego to learn!!

I know you must be busy with school starting...Good Luck! I'm thinking about you...

Take care!

BTW...thanks for asking about the smoking...I haven't completely quit, but I have cut back considerably...had a few set backs...but I'm not giving up!!
Thanks for your encouragement!