Thursday, August 03, 2006


I've been waiting for this 1 month mark for some time now (30 days to be precise) and it's finally come and gone! Although Mike has been gone for more than a month, our blog countdown started when the 365th day began. Why? It was just easier that way I guess. Anyway, we've passed the 30 day marker and Mike is getting settled and keeping busy at his FOB and we are 31 days closer to his coming back home!

I finally got the disposable camera he's had and will take that and will post pictures from it soon. In the meantime, Mike was able to send a couple pictures today that he had on his thumb drive...they are big, so he couldn't send many.

Here's one - isn't it weird to see him in all this gear? And, doesn't he look so handsome? :) I have to admit, when he first sent this I had a hard time looking at it without getting a little choked up. He looks so stoic and even though I've seen him in his Navy uniforms often enough, this somehow seems a little different. Also, it is just WAY different than the t-shirt, shorts and flip-flop Mike we all know so well!

The other picture below is what Mike likes to call his GI Joe "action shot" (that's him in front). These are pictures from his training and not of anything he's currently doing.
The last picture is of the Navy group that he spent the first part of his deployment with in Maryland, South Carolina, Kuwait and then Baghdad. I don't know which FOBs everyone went to, but think a couple of them are currently at the same base as Mike, though not working at the same place.

Have a great evening everyone!

I love you Mike!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, how are things going for you. I am on the phone right now with Colleen and she is walking me through this. This is really cool. Sounds like you are not staying very cool however. We also have had some pretty hot weather. Heat index >110 a couple days ago. Thats really hot for Michigan.
Grandma Marge has had a couple small strokes and so she has moved in with us for a few weeks until she gets her strenght bach.
Tom started at GRPD and seems to really be enjoying it. Dad very proud of him as well.
We just finished 2 weeks vacation at the cottage. Kitchem almost completed. Sinks and faucets are in and functioning!!!! This is kind of short cause Colleen is waiting to see this as well ---checking up on my email skills. Now that I know how to do this my next blog/letter will be longer.
Take care of yourself and we are very proud of you and love you
Love Barb

Mom said...

Hi Mike,

I'm just playing with this and trying it out, hoping I'm doing it right. This is so awesome!

The photos of you that Colleen has posted are pretty amazing, as well. There you are in full regalia. It's been so hard to picture where you are and what you're doing and these pics definately help.

The flowers you sent to Colleen as she is working on her prelims are beautiful, as well. Very thoughtful and I know the gesture means a lot. I spoke with her earlier tonight and I so enjoy listening to her "adventures" as she fixes up the apartment and this blog, etc. Her enthusiasm and good nature are infectious!

Well, my dear, I'll write more later once I figure out if I'm actually doing this right. We're so proud of the work you're doing and we send you our love and prayers.

Love, Mom