Sunday, August 27, 2006

More from Mike

Pluto getting dumped bull%$@&! How will people adapt now to only 8 planets?! I liked having nine planets. Nine is a more comfortable number than eight. Will the Disney character go away? What happens to the old science books with outdated information about the solar system? I wonder what G.W. thinks about it right now? I have no idea why that idea just popped into my head. I wonder what G.W. is thinking about Iraq? I wonder if someday this will become a permanent forward operating base, much like our bases in Japan, Germany and Italy. We call the naval forces in Japan the Forward Deployed Naval Force (FDNF). Maybe Iraq will turn out to be the same for the Army and Air Force. What better way to keep an eye on Iran? Or maybe things will turn out just swimmingly over here and Basra will become the Cotes d’Azur of the Arabian Gulf. The cradle of civilization will become the tourist destination for northerners from the US and Europe. Bibleland will open in Baghdad and fine wine will be made from apricots! OK, maybe not...for awhile at least.

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