Friday, August 04, 2006

Happy Friday!

I have very little to post tonight but wanted to put up a couple pictures from Mike's disposable camera. There are a whole lot of pictures of tents and palm trees and sand in the bunch, but until he tells me what those things are, I don't want to post those. So for now, here's a couple that we can recognize.

Mike in Saddam's chair in the palace in Baghdad:

If you click on it the picture should get bigger. I don't know if you can tell or not, but his hair is SO short. When I saw this all I could think of is this adorable picture that is on his parents' kitchen counter at home of him, his brother and sister when they are really young - his hair in that picture is long and blonde and curly. It's so cute! Of course, I still think he still looks cute here, but what a difference, huh? Maybe I'll try and get a copy of that picture and put it up too...Mike probably won't like that! :)

This is another picture of Mike inside the palace. It's a bit dark, but I thought I'd put it up anyway. Even though it's dark, it's a pretty cool shot I thought. I am glad that he'll be getting the digital camera soon (hopefully) and so maybe we'll be more pictures that are a bit more clear and zoomed in! Regardless, I'll take what I can get at this point.

Well, I'm off to work on my exams for a couple more hours tonight. It's slow-going at this point but for this portion of the exam I have until next Thursday, so it allows me to work on it several hours every day. Oh, good news from the apartment front - we are getting a BRAND NEW refrigerator! There are many drawbacks to renting, but I really think this is one of the great benefits. Whenever something goes wrong our awesome landlords (Doug and Steve) are right there to help out! It comes on Monday and I can't wait! I joked with Mike in an email earlier because one of the things he always does is leave empty ice cube trays in the freezer and this new one has an automatic ice maker! We'll never have that problem again - how exciting!!

Well, hopefully everyone has/had a great Friday and enjoys the weekend. Oh, by the way, I've put up a "guestbook" off to the side, so if you get a moment and can sign in so we can see everyone who has visited, that would be great!

I love you Mike!

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