Wednesday, August 02, 2006


The subject line of this post is a bit misleading, I did get 3 hours of sleep! Yesterday I began my 24-hour prelim examination and this morning at 6:12 am I finished it! Tomorrow I start the 7-day portion of the exam, which can be much less stressful but is always just as rigourously graded. At one point during the 24-hour exam I realized the bitter irony in the fact that, all through school we've been urged (and I now urge my own students) not to pull all-nighters and save our work for the last minute because very few people are capable of producing their "best" under such circumstances. And so what do our professors then have us do? Try and produce our best work under these same circumstances we've always been warned against! Ah, the beauty of it all!!

I'll post more later on and with an update from Mike (hopefully) but for now, I'm off for a run down the cliffs and beach to make up for my lack of fresh air from the last 24 hours!

Take care everyone!

I love you Mike!

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