Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I promise that this blog will not always be mundane and will actually have daily posts - eventually! The problem is now I have nothing new to report as Mike still doesn't know where he's going yet and I literally haven't done anything exciting in the last two days! Some of you know, I'm prepping for a big test in August, which means that there are days that I do not leave the house and I sit in front of a computer surrounded by books for hours on end. These last two days have been just that. And sadly (or not, really I guess it depends on how you look at it) Mike's days haven't been much more exciting. Evidently today he found the post office, after walking clear around the base only to find out it was actually right behind his tent (who said sailors can't navigate in the desert?). Other exciting news - he's been enjoying Cookies-n-Cream ice cream! Seriously folks, that's all we've got! They did get a brief from one of the top ranking officials (Mike will have to fill in his name because I don't recall) today which he said was pretty neat - more that the guy took time out of his schedule to meet with them than anything else. And, of course, it's been hot there! :) It has actually been pretty hot here too, but I have lost my rights to complain about heat, humidity and pretty much everything else for the next year, so I guess I'll stick with that.

Hopefully we'll know more about where Mike will be heading in the next day or so. And, I promise to leave the house tomorrow so that I at least I might have something to post about as well!

I love you Mike!

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