Wednesday, July 19, 2006

One of those days...

This is what happens after you leave your house for the first time in days - karma kicks you with everything it missed while you were away! Today I went in to work and noticed a strange odor coming from someplace but couldn't pinpoint it. So, I worked for a bit and then finally noticed a dead mouse on the table just a few inches from me. Just a little gross! Went to a meeting in downtown, came out and had two tickets - one for an expired meter (deserved that one) and one for expired tags (don't deserve this one because they haven't come yet and the DMV won't let me go in for "extras" until after 30 days!!). Oh, but my day doesn't end there! Even after all this I went to Lowe's in my car to pick up a new wine fridge (yes, for Mike!) and after an hour there realized it wouldn't fit in my car. Battled the afternoon traffic and finally returned with the Jeep, got all the way back home and realized I had left my wallet at Lowes! If it weren't so funny I think I'd be pretty upset. I think this means that, no matter how much work I have to do, I MUST leave the house at least once per day!

I did talk to Mike a bit this morning. He sounded pretty tired, but all right all the same. He still hasn't heard which FOB he'll be going to, but did say that they were told today that "things are changing by the hour" so he may not even end up at one of the places he requested. I guess we'll hear soon though. I think I am looking forward to Mike getting someplace more permanent as much as he is. I know he'd like to be able to "unpack" a bit and I can't wait to send him his first package!!

Oh, by the way, Dan, The Desert Periscope blogger posted today that tomorrow is World Jump Day and, even though it is totally silly (nicest word I could think of) I WILL be getting up and jumping at 4:39.13. How can I not? I live in California, where we LIVE to do crazy stuff like this. Plus, I figure I'm usually up around then anyway, so I might as well and maybe it'll offset all the bad karma from today!

If you too would like to participate and help "stop global warming, extend daytime hours and create a more homogenous climate" check it out:

Happy jumping everyone!

I love you Mike!

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