Saturday, July 22, 2006

"It's hot. Damn hot."

It's hot in San Diego today. Yes, I do realize that it's not nearly as hot as it is in Iraq and I am certainly not complaining, but it's hot none-the-less. I think we are on record for the hottest July ever! Tomorrow I am flying out to a conference in St. Louis where, evidently, they've also had a hot month and have lost power in much of the city because of recent storms. I'm sure it'll be a fun trip! Regardless, all this fun talk of hot weather had me thinking of one of those all-time great got it, Good Morning Vietnam. What would the skit look like coming from Iraq do you think?

I heard from Mike today that he'll be heading soon to his assigned FOB, which is Tallil Air Base, and with the 1-34 BTB at Camp Adder. You can check out their web page here. I don't know much else at this point, like about who in particular he'll be working with, his living/working spaces, what the base is like or what his daily routine will be like, but I thought I should post what I do know. Sorry it's not more information - I'll post it as I get it! :)

Love you Mike. Be safe!


Dan said...

Ah, the 1-34! They definitely will be able to make use of Mike. There's been a Master Chief from up here who has been filling in for him until he showed up.

He's under COSCOM like I am, just at a different base.

Tallil is down in the south in the British area and is much quieter than up around here. I have been wanting to visit there since I got here... they have the archaeological ruins of Ur there, and you can see Abraham's house. Chaplains give tours. Great stuff.

Erin said...

Hey everybody! China decided to cut me a break and let me peek at this war filled piece of internet space. And I thank 'them' so much.

So this is fun. But it's making me miss everyone, and I've been doing a very good job of keeping busy and not thinking about Mike shooting arrows into the enemy and watching them splash into the murky moat below, followed by thier camels flailing wildly as they too get swallowed by the stagnant MOAT. Who builds MOATS? Kids on the beach build moats. You build gravy moats in your mashed potatoes.

Enough of that. I just wish you were back home watching football and doing wine-inspired things and gazing into Colleens eyes as you do so well. As annoying as that is (the gazing thing), I know you guys like it, and I'm in China anyway so I won't have to watch it. LOVE YOU GUYS!

All's good with me, have just about finished 4 trips, and am starting a new trip which starts in Vietnam and then crosses into china and loops back to Hong Kong. Tre cool. Very excited to dip outside of the Middle Kingdom for a little bit. As much as I do enjoy China, one needs to mix it up a little bit. And just because the new generation of rich kids are turning fat doesn't set them too far apart from the other skinny black haired dark brown eyed kids packing the streets.

This blogging thing is fabulous. I'm addicted, as long as China gives me the access, I'll be a devoted follower.

My love to all of you!

XO, Erin