Saturday, July 29, 2006

I'm back

Wow, sorry it's been so long since I've posted! Things have been a bit crazy lately. I was in St. Louis for four days at a Forensic Science conference hosted by AAFS. Now I can either study and catch criminals or become one! Just kidding Dad (for those who don't know, my dad is lieutenant of the major case squad). Other than the conference, the only other really neat thing I did was go up in the Arch, which I wasn't even aware you could do. You go up in these really tiny little windowless elevators, the size of a large screen TV box (no joke) and with 5 other people. The ride up takes 4 minutes and the ride down takes 3 minutes, and there really isn't much to do once you get up there except look out these really small windows - out to one side is the Mississippi and the other is "downtown" where you can see their courthouse building and a pretty cool view of the Cardinals stadium. When you are looking out the windows you can stand up on this ledge, so you are literally hanging over the outermost edge of the Arch. When I got back in to San Diego I started studying for my upcoming exams again and just got done with my first 24-hour "test run" this morning. I tried to go back to sleep this morning after I was finished, but couldn't so instead I cleaned the house. This is good because now I have no excuses next week when the testing starts back up! One of the reasons we decided to move back into this apartment, besides the parking spaces, is because it has two bathrooms. Now, it's not that either of us takes longer than 10 minutes to get ready each day...they just so happen to always be the same 10 minutes, so having that extra space is really helpful. However, since Mike deployed immediately after we moved, I realized as I was cleaning that precious second bathroom that I haven't even stepped foot in there since we've moved in! I was cleaning a bathroom that I've never even used! How's that for irony, Mike? :)

Speaking of Mike, he seems to be settling in well. He is working on getting internet in his "living area". Right now the unclassified computer isn't at his desk, so it makes it a bit difficult for him to spend extended time online. I'm hoping that eventually he'll be able to send me some stuff to post, or start posting himself. It sounds like the people he's working with on a daily basis are great, which I'm sure makes this whole process a bit easier for him. According to Mike, the Navy gang usually eats dinner together, a social/working dinner of sorts. And although he can't find a carne asada burrito anywhere, they do go out on Saturday evenings for real Italian pizza. He's working with a Master Chief from up north right now, who may or may not be there on a long-term basis. They drive around in a Humvee and, today, Mike drove it around a bit himself. It's diesel, so it's not like he's racing around base or anything, but I suppose it's way better than walking around! He's checking on equipment, doing a lot of inventory and even some training so he's really jumping in with both feet! He did make sure to mention that he noticed a driving range on base that he thinks he might try and check out sometime, which would be another very unique experience, of course! I still haven't gotten his disposable camera in the mail yet, but he did send a little package with some stickers in it to add to my collection. I've now got a camouflage "Don't Tread on Me" sticker and one for the Multi-National Corps but the one I've included here is my favorite! He only sent one of these, so I won't actually be sticking this one anywhere, but I just think it's hilarious! Somebody really should make t-shirts out of this one!

Well folks, I think that's about all for now. I will try and post more regularly but will be testing still for the next two weeks, so it might be a bit more sporadic than I'd like. On the other hand, posting will give me a way to maybe I'll post more often! :)

Hope all is well with everyone out there!

I love you Mike!

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The1stlady98 said...

I still have nightmares from when I was 2 yrs old and my mother took me up in the Arch for a ride. I have never went back inside that thing again. I prefer to stand on the ground and just look up! :)