Sunday, July 16, 2006

A message from Mike!

Greetings from Iraq! This is my first posting to our soon to be named blog. Colleen and I figured this would be a good forum to let everyone know what's going on over here in my little corner of the Middle East. I'm in Baghdad right now, living in a tent with 20 other guys on Camp Victory, going to a week long course right around the corner from Saddam's former palace. I pass by it every day, and am amazed by the shoddy workmanship! I would have thought stealing oil money from your own people would make for better digs. Ah well.

So it's been about six weeks since I left San Diego. I met up with 40 other Navy guys in Norfolk, VA and have been with them ever since. We were in Noroflk for a week of admin and medical processing, then headed to Indian Head, MD for a week of training followed by two weeks of GI Joe training in Fort Jackson, SC. After being indoctrinated into the Army way of life, we all hopped on a flight to Kuwait via Rota, Spain for a 30 hour stop. Last call for alcohol for the next 365 days! We arrived in Kuwait July 3, and the counter started rolling down from there. We had a few days to get used to the heat and sand before heading out to the desert for 4 showerless days of more GI Joe training. The following day after a shower and a doublecheeseburger meal (yes, we had McDonald's in Kuwait!) we flew up north to Baghdad. That was July 12. Thoughts on Iraq to follow...have to eat!

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