Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Journey Begins

Well, this is it, the first "official" entry into Mike's blog, which still doesn't have a name or any other detailed information yet! Mike returned from Kuwait today and is heading off to Baghdad tomorrow morning. The training in the desert went well, though high winds and bad weather caused some delays. Evidently at least one day the winds were about 45 miles an hour. Needless to say, a shower was a priority when they returned to camp in Kuwait - though I'm sure they haven't even begun to get rid of all the sand! No camel or bedouin sitings to speak of though - bummer! As far as I know Mike will be in Baghdad for about a week. As soon as we learn more about where he'll be heading on a more permanent basis - and when - we'll post that as well.

That's about all the information I have for now.

I love you Mike!

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