Saturday, July 15, 2006

Albino bugs

Well, I just finished cleaning out the garage, which I do not think has been cleaned out for at least 5 years. As many of you know, just before Mike deployed we moved back into the big apartment on Saratoga. After Mike left I moved our stuff out of storage and just put it in the garage. I haven't had time to get in there, organize and clean until now. What many of you may not know is that when I decided to move to San Diego one of the selling points that Mike highlighted (other than him, of course) was that San Diego has no bugs, knowing that I just hate bugs (they are sneaky and you don't hear them coming!). And, until today, I have found this to be true - and have loved the years of bug free living! This garage, however, is filled with bugs!! And what's interesting is, because they have been without sunlight for so long, they are all albino! No kidding!! I found stuff in this garage that has probably been there for years, through several tenants...and everything was bug infested. However, I think I have prevailed over the bugs and have, in my own OCD way, organized our garage so that it can fit "stuff" plus one of our cars.

Now that I've vented about my bug phobia, I will move on to the important information...what's Mike been up to? The other night he mentioned that they heard the "booms" from a firefight someplace nearby which he said was pretty crazy, but didn't sound too worried about it. They did their check in with JCCS1 the other day as well, so they are pretty much ready to go. He started his class today and said that, while interesting, it was basically a refresher of what they did/learned in Indian Head, MD. He thought that tomorrow would be more hands on, which I think they are all ready for. He did get to request which FOB he'd like to go to, and he requested to either go up north or with COSCOM. It sounded like each area had its perks and its drawbacks...and he may not even get one of the places he requested, so we'll just wait and see. Class ends next Friday so he should hear sometime between now and then.

I love you Mike!

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