Sunday, September 17, 2006

Today is my day to sleep in (from Mike)

Today is my day to sleep in. It’s Sunday and I don’t use my alarm clock so I usually wake up around 8 and get to work by 9-9:30. This morning the weather was awesome – sunny and around 80 degrees. It felt like 60, and it felt like a perfect fall day to watch football, or at least catch the scores on Sportscenter since we’re half a day ahead. Come to find out Notre Dame lost bad to U of M so my day is pretty much ruined. Whatever, I’ll get over it. Eventually. The Padres won so that’s somewhat comforting. Anyway, enough of sports I can’t watch at a reasonable hour. Like I said, today is Sunday and is pretty quiet around here. It’s a good day to catch up on work and not get bothered by too many people. I think the high is only going to be 109. Second day in a row, and the only two since I’ve been here, it’s been below 110. It’s getting brisk!

So Colleen and I were talking last night about the trench they are building around Baghdad. I think it would be funny if they made a moat around it and stationed archers on the towers while on the lookout for insurgents with catapults. It brings back scenes from Monty Python...and just goes to show you how ridiculous the situation is over here. Ah well, in less than two months I’ll be home on leave!

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Mom said...

Two blog entries in one day! I love it! Especially since it's the first thing I check in the morning and the last I check before going to bed. Even though Colleen is only a phone call away, I love reading her entries and since you're NOT a phone call away, Mike, your entries are very welcome, indeed.

So glad it's "cooling off" for you there in Tallil. I understand you have a vehicle to get around in and I'm thankful for that. It's not only cooler than walking, but it provides a little more protection. We've been having some crisp mornings and evenings around here, too. I've got mums on the front porch and in the house and have been cooking with pumpkin and squash - all those good things we associate with fall. And oh, I almost forgot, ND football. I guess the reason I "almost forgot" was because of yesterday's game with Michigan. They'll have to do better next week!

I'm so relieved you all are back safe and sound from your last trip "outside the wire" as you say. You're all doing such a great job!

I'm counting the days until you'll be home! Take care of yourself and know we're thinking of you.

My love and prayers, Mom