Thursday, September 28, 2006

Nothing new

I don't really have anything new or exciting to post tonight. I skipped out of school early today to come home because I have a killer migraine due to my ever-present muscle knot that shows up in my shoulders. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons this semester are the only time I have free periods during the day because my students are out on internship and after a meeting this afternoon at 2:30, I left to come home to my heating pad. Sadly, it hasn't helped. A friend reminded me on the phone tonight that I am just "getting old" - and even though she's older than I am already, she was quick to remind me that this time next week I'll be one year "closer to my grave" as she so eloquently put it! How nice!! :) Seriously, there are days when I forget altogether that I'm not 18...especially when I am still listening to much of the same music and watching the same television shows as my students! That being said, not much is new. My big plans this upcoming weekend are planning for school, working on the looming dissertation, writing a conference paper (yikes), cleaning my house and doing all the laundry! I was in kinda a bummer mood yesterday because I was just missing Mike more than usual, but it helps knowing he'll be coming home for a "visit" in a little over a month! It'll be hard to say good-bye again, but I can't wait to see him either...and it'll be amazing to spend Thanksgiving with both of our sets of parents together! I am hoping that this short break will help us get through the next long months apart.

I hope everyone is happy and healthy!

I love you Mike!

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