Sunday, September 10, 2006

lazy Sunday

I don't think I've fully recovered from the all-night LAN party yet so I haven't been very productive today. It's been a very nice day and I took advantage of that by sitting outside and reading Treasure Island, which I just finished a few minutes ago. If you've never read this classic, I'd recommend it. The next book I'm going to start is Two Years Before the Mast. Mike picked up a copy of this at the book "store" on his base and we are going to read it at the same time...just as a fun something we can do together, even while we aren't together. I think he's started it already, and I'll start it tonight.

Anyway, that's about all I have for now. Hope everyone is enjoying this lazy Sunday!

I love you Mike!


Anonymous said...

Hi Colleen and Mike. Sorry I have not responded lately, but my email has been out now for over a week. Today I was able to open it up and has many emails to answer. One was from Mike!
This is such a good idea! I hope I do not have as many typos as last time.
Colleen you would have been very proud of your brother this past Friday. His swearing in ceremony was very special.Dad was able to pin his badge on. It's the same badge # 42 that Grandpa had and Dad also had after Grandpa retired. After dad was promoted the bage was assigned to another officer. He was contacted by the training officer and asked if he would be willing to give that badge to Tom and be assigned another one. He agreed. This was only the 2nd time in the history of the GRPD that a 3rd generation was sworn in as an officer. Grandma was very proud of him as well and was a bit weepy when the Chief spoke about Grandpa.
Nicky thinks that if you go on to the WOOD TV web site you may still be able to see the clip that was on thenews. Fox TV, channels 8 and 13 were all there.
Aunt Connie is sending you some picutures as well. She is very quick and had her developed the very next day! He starts his first street work next week -6:30 pm to 6:30 am 4 days a week. His section is the west side-where a lot of his old buddies still hang out. He is not looking forward to running into any of them at about 2:00 am.
So much for that.
In reading the last note from Mike, things can be a bit hair raising over there, not when expected. Hope that chaplain continues to lead by example and they all wear that gear!
Anyway can Mike pick up clips on the ND game over there? I bet he really misses those games.
Weather here is typical Mich fall weather. Rainy and cold. This week end is supposed to be sunny, well see.
Flights are all booked, we will be flying into Phoenix on Sat and staying until Wed AM. Then we will rent a car and head to SD. I am really looking forward to that drive and seeing the desert.
We will be departing SD on Tues. I should have listened to Colleen and booked earlier. This was all that was left other then flying out at like 2:00 AM.
Curran seems to be enjoying school. When I aske him how his first day was he said" it was my best first day of school ever" Hope that enthusiasm is there all year.
Well not to much else is new. Still working on finishing touches at the cottage. Should be all done by the time you both visit next summer.
Mike, again we are very proud of you and you are in our prayers daily. Stay safe.
Colleen, see you soon, Love Mom

obgirl042 said...

Hi Mom!

I'm so glad your email is up and working. I am so excited to see you guys in November! I went to the WOODTV-8 site and found the audio, but the video wasn't working. I'll check back later and see. It was great to hear Tommy's voice in the interview though! I'm so proud of him!! I also noticed that Tom Van Howe died after a head injury he got from a fall. That's terrible, I couldn't believe that.

I'll talk to you later, k?