Sunday, September 03, 2006


I did it to myself again so I really shouldn't complain, but I'm going to. This morning I've been watching Meet the Press and Rick Santorum and Bob Casey are the guests. Poor Tim Russert. Seriously, I don't know how he doesn't just reach over the table and smack both of these guys in the head! To leave my own political bend out of this, I won't tell you which one I think fared better on the show...but I really think one guy did outshine the other! I have a problem with politicians in general because it seems they NEVER directly answer a question. If the question calls for a Yes or a No response, why can't they be like ALL OTHER PEOPLE and give a straight answer. Also, if they are asked questions like: What are a few of the programs you'd cut to help balance the budget? or Would you vote to start removing troops from Iraq by the end of the year? they never actually answer the question. They skirt the issue, or they bash the "other" guy or they direct the question to a totally different topic, but they NEVER actually answer the question. It's infuriating! Another reason why I've nearly lost respect for all politicians is because they really are MEAN. Why is this necessary? These two guys are sitting right next to each other on the show and they are flat out being mean and rude to one another. Why should we vote for them? What kind of role models are they if they acting like this? Why should I entrust these people to make any major decisions that will affect MY life when they are acting like spoiled, bratty little kids? I half expected them to revert to the "Your Ugly" argument - I'm not kidding! I'm actually still watching the show now and they are literally fighting right is this productive?!? As much as I have gotten angry watching them skirt the issues and be mean to one another, it mostly just makes me sad. All I can say today is that I'm glad I'm not voting in Pennsylvania during these midterm elections!

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