Sunday, October 01, 2006

San Diego Fleet Week

I didn't realize it until I was driving downtown this morning, but SD Fleet Week is going on. This also means that, once again, the Navy Ball is coming up and once again, we will not be going. Last year I think Mike was in transition, the year before I think we were in San Francisco and I can't recall other times, but some year I will drag him, kicking and screaming, to this event...I can't resist! Anyway, lots of great ships in town right now and tons of people to remind me how much we owe our service men and women and how much we have to honor them for. All this reminded me, of course, of Mike and how proud I am of him and the work he's doing.

I love you Mike!

(next year, no excuses...Navy Ball!) ;)

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Mary Lou said...

Can't add much to that, except to say here, here! What a great reminder for our entire cummunity!