Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Apple Cider

Wednesday is market day here in Ocean Beach, I'm not sure if I've posted that before. When Mike is home, one of our favorite things to do is walk up to the market, nibble on some humus samples and generally just walk around and look at what all the vendors are selling. You can get great fresh fruits and vegetables at the market, and we've done that once or twice too. While Mike's been gone, I don't spend as much time up there as we used to, but I still try and go. I try and pick up a little "treat" for myself (a little piece of homemade cheesecake is usually top on my list). I also like to get fresh flowers to liven up the house. Lately, this one stand has had the best selection and so I've gone there for the past few times. However, because of my birthday last week, I had flowers from Mike and my parents and my students so I didn't go to the market. Tonight I went back and the little old vendor was so sweet, he welcomed me back, thanked me for coming and gave me a big hug! It was cute! It's not like I'm his only customer, but it felt like it...and it was nice to be remembered, you know? Anyway, I bought a beautiful bouquet of fall colors, the oranges, yellows, dark reds...they are really pretty!

Tonight I also bought a 1/2 gallon of apple cider. I LOVE apple cider. It might be my favorite thing to drink (other than wine, of course). This cider isn't bad, but it makes me miss home (Grand Rapids), where you can find the BEST apple cider of all time at Robinettes Apple Orchard. Bold statement, I know, but I think it's true. I've tasted cider from several different places and states and have yet to find one that compares to Robinettes - honestly! So, as I am sitting here tonight sipping cider and waiting for the new episode of LOST to air, I find that I am looking forward to my trip home to GR in December during which I will spend some quality time at Robinettes drinking as much cider as I can!


Anonymous said...

WE GOT OUR FIRST SNOW TODAY!!! Curran wanted me to get his snowpants and sled out before I left for work today. We didn't get that much snow but to a 7 year old it is the most "awsome" thing ever! Love ya! Nicky

obgirl042 said...

Oh, please, please take a picture of him in his snowpants and on his sled and send them to me! I bet he was just pumped! Pretty soon he'll be at the age that he'll be praying every morning for snow days! ;)

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Colleen, just finished reading your most recent entry and had to let you know that we were just talking about Robinettes this week-end. Nates parents were in town helping install some windows. I told Deb this is one place we need to take her next time she is in. We kind of ran out of time after shopping at Rivertown.
I called you a couple times this week-end and forgot about the boat trip. I will call later in the week and update you on Grandma.
Today I made an apple, caramel cake. It sure smells good. Its Grandmas recipe. I make it for work tomorrow so no tasting today.
Our snow as Nicky mentioned was quite a surprise for Oct. Its all gone now. Today is a beautifull fall day, sun shinning and leaves all brilliant colors. I'm sure we wont have many like this. Dad went up north to do the leaves today. I stayed home healing up a tendonitis that I developed stripping wall paper. I will never put up wall paper again!!!
Not to much else is new.
I will write again soon.
Love Mom