Friday, October 27, 2006

Mike's Fun Day

Yesterday we held our one and only battalion Fun Day. It was essentially a sports day geared towards taking a break from work, convoys and the caves everyone migrates to after their days are done. I played on our command staff dodgeball team. We got our asses kicked. Apparently I need to dodge more wrenches. Actually dodging wasn’t my problem. I was put out three times because I got lazy and threw floaters which the other team caught. Otherwise I was zinging them in pretty good, although I didn’t hit anyone in the face, which I was kind of hoping too. I’m glad Dad taught me how to throw a ball, both baseball and football, because some people really look ridiculous throwing anything. So in that sense I made out ok, but my team still got crushed. We were 1-4, but at least we didn’t get shut out completely. That was the only sport I played, which was a good thing because my arm was falling off afterwards. Thank God for Advil. I watched a little bit of volleyball and floor hockey, ate a cheeseburger, and was going to play basketball but a couple of rockets hit somewhere on the other side of base, so as you can imagine the fun was over. At least I got the cheeseburger in beforehand!

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Anonymous said...

Hey man,
Good to see you at home over the break. Uhh, are there people in this world who seriously don't know how to throw a ball? Okay then. . . Tomorrow I will go to Asian buffet, like all Saturdays, and pig out for three or four courses and do my LAST lab writeup for the semester. Then off to bear down on some serious O'chem and Neuro topics for the upcoming finals week.
I can't believe you saw Abraham's pad! Snoogins!
Thanks for the tip. I'm on it religiously. . . regularly. K bye. Love BJ