Saturday, October 07, 2006

4 more hours

We are 8 hours into this LAN party and I'm ready for it to end so I can get some sleep. The kids have been great and we've had a good night (and morning) so far, but I am just not cut out for staying up for a whole day! I really thought my all-nighters were over at this stage in my life! I have four more hours to go until we start the clean-up and I'm feeling very zombie-like. I'm actually only posting this in an effort to stay awake! I'll try and post more when I've gotten some sleep and am more coherent...

I love you Mike!


Kym said...

Keep up ALL the good work you do for "OUR" future leaders, Sailors, Soliders, Marines and Air Force.

I truley apprecite it!!!!

Thanks for your note the other day as well. I'm sorry I haven't responded, but I really have been in a TOTAL funk....mainly becuase I've been sick.

Thanks again!!!!

T said...

Hang in there, Colleen!

Lou and t