Sunday, October 08, 2006

My own version of While You Were Out

When Mike gets home for his leave, I'm hoping he's going to feel like he's been on that TLC show, While You Were extended version! Today I had yet another great day of house work. Yesterday, on my Aunt Pat and Aunt Theresa's advice I went to one of the OB antique shops and asked them where I could find the bistro table I was looking to put on our newly carpeted (clear throat) back porch. I have been looking for weeks now and couldn't seem to find anything that was relatively inexpensive or the right size or even nice looking. Anyway, this store had a wood table that was very cute, but I wasn't really looking for wood since it was for outdoors. So, she sent me to this place called Classic Consignments that, for those of you who live in San Diego, is off the Washington Street exit on the 5 (if you are heading south, it's the exit after Old Town). This place is amazing...they pretty much have everything! And yes, they had the exact thing I was looking for. I found a little wrought iron table and two chairs, all the perfect size. The set was painted white and pretty old but I got it home, sanded it, primed it and painted it black and it looks PERFECT on the porch. I also found some garden lights and hung those up around the porch. In talking with my mom tonight, I think one of the final things I'd like to do out there is get some small planters to put along the wall, just to add a bit of color. I will need to get glass to put on top of the table and some seat cushions as well, but now that I've actually gotten the table, I'm happy!

Also on my list today: towels and a new shelf for the "guest" bathroom! I had one little shelf for in there, but actually did not like it at all, and this new one is much nicer and was actually the same exact price as the other one! That is pretty much all I did today. Sadly, I did not get enough school work done, but I did get I guess I can't expect to get it all in on one weekend! I submitted a proposal for a conference in Boston for the spring of next year, which would be cool. I've never been to Boston, but my cousin Mike is there right now for graduate school so hopefully he'll be there and can show me around...or at least tell me some cool places to visit!

Well, that's about all I've got for now. I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a good week coming up!

I love you Mike!


Anonymous said...

WOW - good for you for getting that all done yesterday. I got a lot of pictures for your fall album and i am going to take curran out this week and get some more done because they are calling for snow this weekend!!! Yup I said snow. love ya ~ nicky

Anonymous said...

I know all the special touches (not to mention, the actual work!) you've done to make the place like home will mean so much to Mike. Sounds like you're having fun, too, even with some of the little frustrations that go along with home improvements.

Happy decorating!

Mary Lou