Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone all the best for 2007!

I love you Mike!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Colleen and Mike. Mike wanted to thank you again for the beautifull Christmas Pointsetta arrangement. And also the wonderfull meat and cheese set.
All enjoyed over the holidays
Colleen, I am so glad we had the time togeather this past Christmas as sad as it was however with Grandmas illness and demise.
You were a great source of strength for me and you may never know how very much I appreciated all your support.
You can go to and see the video as well as some tributes people have made about Grandma.
We have gone through the house and have found so many pictures and other very special things to remember both of them. Real treasures! They found in one of the closes an old ceramic policeman that I must have made years ago and gave to Grandpa. I signed it on the bottom to "Mr. Warwick". Hummm must have been before I was even married. Anyway, I just gave it to Tommy. I sure he will proudly display that piece of art work in his apartment!!
I hear you lost your car Mike. Well at least it is not 10 to 20 degrees there while you do that 1/2 mile hike everyday.
You will really be in shape whenyou get home. Course if Colleen keeps up with all that cooking in the class room you will soon gain it all back.
Hope you enjoyed your Christmas package. Colleen told me you really enjoyed getting another toothbrush. How many have I sent you anyways???
Well wishing you both a very blessed and happy New Year. Love you both very much. Love Mom