Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Just wanted to wish Mike's mom, Mary Lou, a very happy birthday today!

Or, as her students might have said to her today (I think): Bon Anniversaire!!

I hope you enjoy your day!

I love you Mike!


Mary Lou said...


Merci beaucoup! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. It's been a very nice day so far and even better since Terry and I came home this evening to find your note and phone message and some very lovely flowers and an email from Mike. Now I've heard from all the kids and the rest of my family so the day is complete! Talk to you soon. Love you both, Mary Lou

Anonymous said...

Very Happy Belated Birthday wishes, Mary Lou. I'm a bit behind at keeping up with the Blog and just read you had a birthday. Sounds like your day was very special.
Hope all is well with your family.
Love Barb

Anonymous said...

Birthdays are low-key in recent years, but thanks for the birthday wishes. We're all fine and keeping busy. Have a good week and give our best to Paul.
Love, Mary Lou

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Green!

Bob Doody