Saturday, December 09, 2006

I'm back

Hi everyone! Sorry it's been way too long since I've posted. Having Mike home on R&R and then jumping back into a very crazy schedule at work (we are building a museum a museum!!!) has left me little time to write. I have tons to say and want to include lots of detail, so that might have to take place over several blog posts. Right now, I just wanted to say hello to everyone and promise that I will start to blog again more regularly. Mike and I spent a little time in Arizona during his R&R, which was fun but pretty cold, actually. Pictures are on his camera, so I'll post some as soon as sends them to me!

I'll admit that having to say good-bye to Mike again has pretty much been one huge bummer (and that's an understatement!). It was, however, so good to have him here and spend time with him and our families. I hated dropping him off at the airport - totally sucked! I got back in the car and was, honestly, crying really hard. But then something on the radio actually helped. It's a weird coincidence, actually - or at least I think it's maybe karma?? I listen to NPR (something Mike is constantly making fun of me for, by the way) and they were playing a segment with Ben Taylor, James Taylor's son. The song that was on was "Nothing I Can Do" and the words just really, really struck me. The next song, "Digest" also had words that really sunk in and helped calm me down. I started feeling better...not good, but better. Then, after these two songs finished the local radio guy broke in and said he apologized, they had accidentally replayed a show from last week...and took us to the regularly scheduled programming of All Things Considered. I sat there amazed that their mistake was actually a blessing in disguise for me because it honestly calmed me down so much and just lifted all that sadness just enough. I promptly went home and bought those songs on i-tunes. I've shared this silly story with Mike, as well as the two songs. Now, each time I listen to these two songs (which I do daily) I think of Mike and a little smile creeps over my face...and I feel just a little bit better inside. Sorry if that's too cheesy for my blog-return, but it's the truth!

On a totally different note, I've just finished watching an excellent movie that I am going to recommend to everyone out there! It's called Joyeux Noel and was an Academy Award & Golden Globe Nominee for best foreign film...which really doesn't matter because it's just a darn fantastic movie - especially for the time of year we are approaching and all that is going on in our world today. The story is of a 1914 Christmas Eve truce between French, German and Scottish troops during WWI. I can't say enough good things about this film - and the soundtrack is equally powerful. It's a must see and is out on DVD right now.

Anyway, I hope this entry finds everyone doing well.

I love you Mike!


Kym said...


Welcome Back! I was getting a little worried about you. I'm glad you & Mike had a wonderful visit. I can't wait for January. I have been thinking of taking Mike back to the airport. I know it's going to suck. I know exactly what you mean about different songs. The same has happened to me on several occasions. I know now why they have music truly does help.

Again, welcome back...if you need to talk, I'm here! (and feeling much better...long story!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Coleen and Mike. It was nice to talk to you both while you were home. Sorry your time at home was so short. I remember what that was like and it sucked. Hopefully the rest of this time will go quickly. Esther and I look forward to visiting with you two when you return for good.


Mom said...

It sure was wonderful to have Mike home and to see the two of you so happy! We enjoyed spending time with Barb and Paul,as well.

Congratulations, Colleen, on the museum exhibit on the Star of India. What an undertaking and what an amazing way to learn! I enjoyed meeting some of the kids and your colleaques. You all can be very proud to see your hard work come to fruition in this cool exhibit.

Mike, you're never far from our thoughts. Love you both.