Sunday, March 11, 2007

when it rains, it pours

Two posts from me in one day? No, you aren't dreaming! I just had an after-thought and didn't want to save it as a draft because, knowing my week ahead, I'd forget it was even in there. I was catching up on blog posts this weekend and read one from our friend Stimp over at My Desert Adventure. He was discussing how the Army (or the unit he's with...not sure if he's saying ALL Army in general) has this "can do" attitude that he is finding sparse from the Navy counterparts. While I do beg to differ with his assumption that Navy personnel does not have this same attitude, I do concede that it is likely the case with some of the sea going ranks he's running into.

That got me thinking - such is life, isn't it?

So, this is my challenge to all of you. Start with just this week. Attack all tasks and situations you are faced with this week with the Army's "Too Easy" attitude. After the week is up, reflect on how you did, how it felt and what you could do better. Take those reflections and implement them the following week. I'm hopeful that if we all take on this challenge, and approach our daily lives with this attitude, things just might start to get better - in our immediate spaces and possibly even the world-at-large.

Those of you who went to high school with me (Mike and Kim) might find this ironic as I was voted - I still claim I was just "misunderstood" - class pessimist. I persist, however, that I am an optimistic soul and believe that we make of our lives what we put into them - and we are forever and always beacons to all those with whom we come into contact...let us be beacons of hope and positive, helpful attitudes.

Enjoy the week all!

I love you Mike!

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