Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My decision...

more on this later...

I love you Mike!


Kym said...


We are so on the same page. I was going to email you last night to see how you were doing but time got away from me and then i get up this morning and you beat me to it!

Thanks for your compliments, you are a sweetheart! Mike & I did have a wonderful time and it was so hard seeing him off but it is for a very short time and it does make it easier....

I know what you mean about planning a wedding without the groom. When I got married, my guy was on a 6-month deployment so I was alone AND at the time I was living in Delaware BUT the wedding was going to be in seems I can never do anything simple........ahhhhhhhh it only makes you stronger :>)

I am LOOKING forward to hearing all about the Lays chips!

I'm here for you girl!!!!

Hugs ;>)


Kym said...

BTW I feel the same way about the "new blogger"...At least the "look" of yours didn't change at all...I couldn't even tell you changed....Oh well this year has been nothing BUT change so we just learn to adjust, right? :>)


Anonymous said...

Good decision! Along with well-deserved confidance in your abilities by your colleagues! We won't comment more, but just want to say "congratulations"! and send our love.

Terry and Mary Lou