Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy Sunday!

I just walked back from the store where I scored more quarters so that, by the end of the night tonight, I will offically be LAUNDRY FREE!! Yes, that's right, even the beach towels are downy fresh now! Pretty excited about that. I've been cleaning pretty much all weekend. It's like spring cleaning, but in the, fall cleaning, I guess. I spent most of yesterday organizing and had half of that done before I went to bed last night. I know that normal people probably just clean...but for some reason I can't do that, I must organize first and then clean. It's almost like cleaning twice, but for me, it's way less crazy because I get rid of stuff before cleaning and then really, really clean! Crazy? Probably, but the house looks nice. I go back and forth between loving the fact that we rent and hating it. Today I actually love it, I think mostly because after nearly 6 months, it's finally looking like a house - just in time for Mike to come home! :) There are a few, last minute cleaning things that I'll postpone until just before Mike arrives so that I don't undo what's been done...but other than that, it's down to laundry! Sadly, I don't have much else to talk about. I'm going to start grading now - I think I'd actually continue cleaning but I don't have a choice.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend and has a wonderful start to the work week!

I love you Mike!


Anonymous said...

we must be sisters.....that is the same way i clean also and it drives me nuts because it takes 2x as long but it does look nice when i am done. game was fun and i told you that msu would not be able to pull out ahead. love you!

Anonymous said...

Well girls, I must have taught you something right!! I pretty much do the same thing but WHY??
Not sure where I learned it. Probably from cleaning out 2 little girls rooms so often and picking up little barbie doll pieces before I could even start cleaning.
Colleen, you must be pretty excited expecting Mike home so soon. I hope you two have a wonderfull time togeather and Dad and I are soooo looking forward to coming out to San Diego to see all of you!!
Tonight we or I should say I am off to the Road Rally that Nicky, Nate, Tom and Keri are hosting. I am on a team with Aunt Pat and Aunt Theresa. We are the 3 blind mice.If that tells you anything, we will probably come in last but being blind we have a good excuse dont you think.
Should be fun. The dads are really missing out on this.Of course Colleen your dad is probablt worried about us being pulled over by GRPD and he would be soooo embarssed. So he is up North
Well kiddo we will see you next week. Love Mom