Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm Back!

Can you see me now? :)

Kidding. But, I'm back, able to type and healing just swimmingly! Mike's mom was kind enough to help nurse me back to health over the first couple of days of my post-op and my good friend Cortney has been my personal chauffeur. THANK YOU both!! But, all is now right (and upright) with the world! The eye is still healing and there is still a little swelling, but things are as they should be. For the first few days after surgery, because my eyeball is now actually sitting straight in the socket - a position it was not used to - whenever I held my head straight I was seeing a crooked world! That has since gotten better and now I've stopped going around my house un-straightening everything that hangs on the walls! :)

I'm hoping you are all watching with bated breath the newly added counter at the top of this blog. It brings with it good, if still uncertain, news that I can't wait to shout out into the blogsphere when I can!

Tomorrow night I'm having dinner with a girl whose fiance' has recently embarked upon his deployment...I think he's been gone 2 months now. She lives here in SD and we have been emailing and talking on the phone, but have yet to meet. It'll be nice to put a face with a name and be able to talk about the ups and downs of our experience. She, like me, has been keeping busy and staying upbeat and optimistic. Also like me, she is planning her wedding! I'm certain we'll have LOTS to talk about! ;)

Well everyone, when school starts back up on Monday I'll be pretty busy. I promise to try and post at least several times during the week and especially when I get any updates from our favorite sailor!

Take care everyone!

I love you Mike!


Mary Lou said...

So glad you're back and you're welcome, even though I hardly did anything. You've been a trooper throughout! And yes, we're watching that counter very carefully, indeed.
Love, Mary Lou

Kym said...

My finger's are crossed and I will continue to pray........I am so happy for you!!!! I'm glad you're back and you're surgery went well.